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Project work

We provide a full range of services beginning from the analysis of requirements and not closing by implementation and technical support.


We are using modern technologies and an iterative approach to development and implementation and can more that only significantly reduce project development time, but also provide an opportunity to operate the system from the first days of its existence!


We create unique solutions for various types of information technology businesses and don’t have limits to provide solutions for all of them.


We guarantee flexibility and customer focus. We always work in an atmosphere of cooperation for the successful implementation of the project, and we do everything to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Minimum Viable Product vs Uncertainty

            In the initial stages of creating a product or service, you have to make many critical strategic decisions without sufficient data. As a result, the developed functionality may turn out to be unclaimed or inconvenient, which will lead to the need to redo the already developed elements, change the architecture, significantly increasing the costs and time before the product goes to market.
              To protect the project from risky decisions, you need to get feedback from the first users as soon as possible, offering them a useful product with a minimum set of functions.
                This approach to development and its first result was called the «minimum viable product» (MVP).

Business problems solved by MVP

MVP allows you to get the reaction of the market and the first users — early adopters — at the initial stages of development. This information can serve to verify hypotheses about both the volume and structure of demand in the market and about the selected interface implementation and usability of the product.
MVP development allows you to reduce the time to the first release — time-to-market — by prioritizing functionality. Thus, even before everything conceived is fully implemented, you get the opportunity to begin to partially solve the problems for which the IT system is being created. Or start promoting your product on the market and accumulate a client base.
A MVP is a tool for working through uncertainty, whether in business hypotheses or in technology solutions. It is a progressive approach that protects against embarrassing discoveries after a major release by providing meaningful information as early as possible in the project.
Architectural design requires a clear understanding of the load distribution and potential vulnerabilities of the system. Without working out the concept on the subject of what is main and what is secondary in the product, the risk of prioritizing secondary functionality or making unreasonable decisions during development increases.
The first version starts with the implementation of the functionality that is responsible for the bulk of the value of the product, and the subsequent ones are developed taking into account the feedback from end users. This allows you to save on detailed elaboration of elements that may later be unclaimed.
The minimum viable product is designed with the expectation of subsequent bringing to full functionality and maximum load and provides for the possibility of expanding and adding new elements.


Every software engineer in our team is an expert in a specific related area. Your team can benefit with our expertise in different ways, starting from occasional consultations on a specific matter to project design and development.


Our team can build the features you need for any product. Our schedule times are always accurate and our resources are consistent to provide and deploy an integrated solution. Having proved our creative vision, we can use innovative methods to fulfill your unique requests. With our joint efforts we will find a product or a framework that works for you and meets your specific needs.


Sometimes you need a shortcut to troubleshooting, fixing bugs, proper responses to functionality questions and solutions for general production issues. We can help with finding the answers you need and therefore boosting your development process.

We will find the best solution to your problem!

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